Monday, October 25, 2010

Of Shoelaces and Clock Faces

Nathanael finally learned how to tie his own shoes yesterday. (Insert sound of villagers rejoicing here.) He is seven and a half. I think I was about five, at the most, when I learned how to tie my shoes. I was feeling pretty superior about that until I remembered that velcro shoes didn't exist in the early seventies. (We'd only just gotten ourselves on the moon, after all!) So, I realized I had to cut the kid some slack. I was the one buying him velcro shoes so that my life would be a teensy, weensy bit easier. Yeah, that back fired. Oh, well, he knows how to tie his shoes now and that's what's important!

And then I had this "physician, heal thyself" moment. I may be able to tie my shoelaces with my eyes closed but...

I'm not very good at telling time, not on a traditional clock face. In my day, instead of velcro, we had digital clocks. I relied on digital clocks more than I should and now I cannot just look at a clock and tell you the time. I have to pause and figure it out. I do better now. But, heaven help me if my life ever depends on my giving someone the time.

Then, there's that whole left and right thing. Left and right has always eluded me. Again, I do better now but not much! I always have to think a bit about which is which. I can't begin to tell you how envious I am of people who just KNOW their right from their left. Especially those who can answer the question, "Your right or my right?" (Just thinking about having to determine whether or not something is on my right or your right makes me break out into a cold sweat.) Thank goodness I got married. As long as I remember that my wedding band is on my left hand, I'm okay! If I ever have to diffuse a bomb and am told to cut the wire on the left, say your prayers!

I'm horrible with Roman Numerals. I apparently have the math level of a first grader. I can't parallel park. I pronounce ostrich oy-strich and almond owl-mond. I can't type very well and often get into a panic about one or another letter that has gone "missing". I can only hope that these have become endearing qualities. Old dogs and new tricks, ya know.

So.... Congrats, Nathanael! I'm so proud. Seven and a half is not to old learn how to tie your shoes.


  1. Well Done Nathanael! I'm a complete number-phobe too, mental arithmetic just sends me into a blind panic. But remember, you can go through life with a calculator but with reading you're on your own! ;)


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