Monday, November 1, 2010

The Day After

Well, Halloween has past. I can't (won't) stop eating candy. I want to start decorating for Christmas. (Don't worry, I'm not. Today.)

We had a lovely Halloween. My parents were with us for the whole day and we celebrated BIG! My folks have not had anything to do with Halloween since I moved out at 19. (Where did I come from?) Because of their dry spell and it being the first Halloween that Asher understood what was happening, we had a party. I put up MORE decorations, bought MORE candy and had LOTS of food. At 5:00, the kids walked around the block in a mini-parade behind a fire engine, we partied some more with the neighbors and, at 6:00 they were off!!!

Dave took both boys around a big part of the neighborhood first, then he and Asher retired while Nathanael and I searched for more sugar. Both boys had lots of fun and I think all of the grown-ups did, too. At 8:00, I ripped the candy from the boys little hands and tucked them into bed. Popcorn was made, assorted candy bars were gathered and "Sherlock" was watched. (Looooove "Sherlock".) I do believe we slept like the dead. All in all, good times.

Here are some pics of my guys.

Dave, Fireman Asher and Nathanael Fett.

Isn't he a precious, little bounty hunter?!

Can you here him saying "Cheese!"? And how about that chocolate around his mouth? Didn't you know that all firemen have chocolate around their mouth?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow! Sounds like a good time! Isn't Sherlock the BEST?! I just love, love, love it. Did you know that Watson is played by the guy who played "Tim" (the Jim) in the British version of the office? I thought he looked familiar - Scott knew, of course.

  2. Yes, Sherlock is my latest obsession! I didn't know that about the good doctor. I thought he looked familiar, too, but figured I must have seen him in a movie or something.


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