Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Binder Love

Remember shopping for school supplies- your school supplies? Remember getting a new Trapper Keeper? I do. I loved shopping for school supplies. I loved getting a new Trapper Keeper binder to organize and fill with paper. I still do!

This a rather blurry picture of (part) of my work table. It's where I sew and sketch and have deep thoughts. I do business related things here as well as family related things. 'Cause, let's face it , moms, running a house and family is A LOT of work. I, personally, have to be somewhat organized or all heck would break loose! What helps me stay organized are my binders. I have three binders that I turn to regularly. My gardening binder has, for the most part, been retired till next spring. My meal planning/grocery/recipe binder I touched on last week. The binder that keeps me sane is my Home & Business Binder.

I've been using this binder for close to four years now. It really helps me to keep my life in some kind of order. I'm not always faithful to it, but I try to be. The more I use it, make it a part of each day, the better off I am. I keep it simple. It is really just a series of lists. Because, if there's one thing I love more than binders, it's lists!

My binder is broken down like this:
1. Month-At-A-Glance Calender. I make my own, cheap and easy. I just use a sheet of lined paper, write the month at the top, number of days along the margin and a S,M,T,W,T,F,S so I know the day. I use this to write in must-know stuff; ie. doctor appts., no school or half days, craft shows, etc.

2. Daily "To-Do". Again, I make my own with lined paper. I write the day and date at the top of the page and I fill that section with each day of the current month. At the beginning of each week, I fill in meals (at the bottom), appts., etc. from my Month-At-A-Glance page, blog themes, laundry days, etc. Each morning, I sit down and make my list of things to do for that day. And each time I actually manage to accomplish something- I cross that baby off my list!

3-5. pertain to my art and business. I have a section for listing project ideas, finished product, goals, inventory. I can cross-off and add-to and make notes as I go. I have another section with show info. That's important to me for tax purposes and so I can compare notes with other shows. My last section has general business information in it. I keep everything from a mini-business plan to web-site and Etsy info. to names of suppliers and tax stuff.

I also have pockets for show apps. and info., receipts and pencils and business cards.

This binder helps me to keep my thoughts in order, keep track of important dates, ideas and information and helps me to see what I have accomplished and what I need to do. So, if you are looking for a way to better organize, run out to Target (any excuse to go to Target, eh, Danielle?) buy a binder, some dividers and some loose leaf paper. Make whatever sections make sense to you and your family or business needs. And try very hard to visit that binder regularly.

Now to cross "blog- Binder Love" off my list!


  1. Ah, I have lots of pretty binders that go unopened! You are truely organized - story of my life! SUE

  2. But it is a chaotic organization (insert small red-head here)!:)


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