Saturday, October 9, 2010

Summary Saturday

What a week!

It began with a lovely, surprise over-night trip with my husband. And I was surprised! I didn't have a clue. It was nice hanging out with my bestest bud, eating out, shopping and being treated like a princess. We were just supposed to spend the day away together to go to the Ghoultide Gathering- but he treated me to lots more!

Summary #1: I have been truly blessed with my husband.

And Ghoultide Gathering! You can't take pictures there so I have none to show you. However, go to Ghoultide's website and click on the various artists. A lot of them have posted pictures that they took of the show, their work and the other artists work. It was a fabulous show! I felt like a kid. I got to meet artists whose work and faces I've seen only in magazines. I was really inspired (and wet- boy, did it rain!). I think my work would fit in there. Someday. Soon. After a wee bit of honing and refining.

Summary #2: I want to be in the Ghoultide Gathering.

I also turned 40 this week. I remember when Oprah turned 40 (quite a while ago). I remember how she made turning 40 seem like a better thing than turning 21. I wouldn't go that far but I see no problems with being 40. Besides, if I feel a little concerned about my age, I can just look at my wonderful husband and think, "At least I'll always be 5 years younger than him!" See, he really is a wonderful man!

Summary #3: I'm 40. We'll leave it at that.

The rest of the week has been spent frantically stitching. I've got another big show a week from today- eek! I'm working strictly on Christmas now and loving it. If you looked in my window, you'd see me in my Happy Halloween T-shirt stitching up an ornery-lookin' Ebenezer Scrooge, while Asher, in his Halloween shirt, holds up the Santa I made and says "boo!" to it's face.

Summary #4: We are holiday-befuddled and happy!

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