Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Christmas Carol in Portraits

Another Christmas project for me this year is "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

I love "A Christmas Carol". I love every movie version there is. Each different movie has something about it that makes it a favorite. I have lines memorized right down to the slightest inflection and tone. And, don't get me started on the musical! Come Christmas time, I will watch these movies over and over and over and... You get the point.

So, with the new direction that my art is taking, "A Christmas Carol" seems to have been written just for me! (Thank you, Charles!) However, as much as I love the story, it's characters, it's various interpretations- I have never read the book! Surprised? Me, too! 2010 is officially the year I finally read "A Christmas Carol". But not quite yet...(it's October, for Pete's sake!!!)

I will be creating portraits of characters from the book for this holiday season. Each will measure 14" x 18", finished size. And, each will be as true to Mr. Dickens representation of the character in his writings. I plan on releasing, if not creating, each character in the order that they are introduced.

So, here are some peeks at my sketches so far. On my selling blog, Mr. Scrooge (the first) has already been released. Check him out.

Jacob Marley, Door-Knocker

Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve

Ebenezer Scrooge When the clock Strikes One

I plan on making several Ebenezer's as his character's nature changes frequently throughout the tale. I'm looking forward to making the Ghost's. Well, except for the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. I'm not sure how to do his portrait. Thankfully, he doesn't come about until the end of the book!

Keep checking back for updates here. And check out my other blog and Etsy shop for the completed portraits. In the meantime...

Bah! Humbug! :)


  1. Wonderful! I can't wait! Maybe you should do 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' too - just sayin! You are so tallented.

  2. Hi Danielle, I so get where you're coming from. I too love all the Christmas Carol films, top favourite has to be the black and white version starring Alistair Sim (1951). Your art reminds me of that straight away, so atmospheric. Happy sewing. ;)

  3. Sue- Thanks! I was thinking about "Twas the Night Before" also. I think it would be a fun one.

    Emma- The Alistair Sim version is probably my favorite, too. I actually just watched "Stage Fright" starring Sim, last week and it made me long for "A Christmas Carol". I've got him on my brain, I guess. :)


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