Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Tuesday

Tuesday blogs are for , well, anything. A chance for me to share my thoughts with you or something new that I have discovered. Here's the thing... I'm desperate for a thought, folks. I mean a deep, interesting thought. It's not happening for me today. So here are some random, not particularly impressive thoughts...

:: Nathanael is really into Star Wars. I love that because I was his age when I was first introduced to Star Wars (read: Han Solo). However, he is into the Clone Wars and all of the Anakin stuff. Which is before my time, as far as the Star Wars (Han Solo) I'm interested in is concerned. Yet, that part of the series was developed in my adult years and, therefore, after my time? This has produced a "which came first" scenario that is absorbing me and, I believe, the greater majority of my brain cells.

:: Did you know that in Baltimore, in the mid-1800's, pigs were let loose in the streets to "dispose" trash, etc.? I did not know this. I am assuming this took place elsewhere in the world. One more thing that is preoccupying me today. Go figure.

:: Have you seen the candidates in the running governor of New York? ( Head slowly shaking in despair.)

:: Asher is in such a terrible-two stage! He is down-right schizophrenic! No wonder I'm incapable of deep-thinking lately. Ever see the movie "Gaslight"? I'm beginning to think there is more to his behavior than meets the eye. At the very least, he has turned me into a twitching, paranoid, Joan-Crawford-one-minute, June-Cleaver-the-next version of my former self. When he turns three I'm throwing a BIG party!

:: Here are some pictures of the boys helping with the yard work.

Look at them! So cute!!!

He kind of looks like Han Solo when he got frozen in that copper stuff by Boba Fett.

Look at how well Asher's hair blends with the leaves.

Alright. Enough. I think I'll go fold laundry and watch the "Masterpiece" I recorded. There's nothing like a little "Wallander" to pick you up and make you think that your life is a-okay!


  1. My eldest, Lukas (he's 8 in Dec), loves Star Wars, preferably of the lego nature. And I think my husband is reliving his childhood alongside him! LOL. Looks like your boys are having fun. Not too many leaves are down in our back garden just yet, although this week is meant to be getting colder and our maple leaves are a deep crimson. ;)

  2. Yes, legos are prominent in our house, too! The boys and I just went for a walk in our neighborhood. It is so beautiful! Even the sound of the leaves crunching is beautiful.


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