Friday, October 8, 2010

Five T.V. Crushes*

*Current T.V. crushes. I could certainly wax poetic on the many attributes of Pierce Brosnan from Remington Steele and Bruce Willis from Moonlighting. That'll be another post.

In honor of the end of the summer T.V. season and the beginning of the fall T.V. season, today's list will be dedicated to five T.V. actors/characters who reside in a small part of my heart. Nos. 5-2 appear in no particular order. #1 is #1 and I, personally, don't see that ever changing!

5. Tom Selleck. Look at him. The smile. The twinkle in his eyes. The voice. The mustache. I'd have to fight my mom for him but I think I have a chance.

4. Adam Baldwin. More specifically, John Casey on Chuck. I think part of the crush stems from the fact that he looks a bit like my husband. I love his (Casey's) attitude on the show. And he grunts. He could grunt at me anytime.

3. Matt Bomer. My parents practically forced me to watch White Collar. I'm so glad they did! It is a great show, for one thing. Then there's Neil Caffrey played by Matt Bomer. Adorable!! I'd have to fight my mom for him, too. To hear her talk about him makes me think I don't have as good of a chance.

2. Matt Passmore. Jim Longworth from The Glades. If you didn't see The Glades this summer, I pity you. Fabulous show! One of my favorites. And that hunky man above is the main reason why. His character is a rather straight-talking, sarcastic, tact-free homicide detective. It was love at first sight.

1. And last, but not least. The man who holds a somewhat inexplicable spell over me. The man I find my self thinking about, wondering about- and he's not even real. The man who makes me have a better understanding of where stalkers come from. The man who makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. Doctor Martin Ellingham from Doc Martin. (I know I have asked this of you before and I am going to ask it of you again- If you have not seen Doc Martin, see it. Now! ) Since the first time I saw Doc Martin, I found myself thinking (read: obsessing) about him until the next episode. I own all 4 series, I watch them repeatedly and I am anxiously awaiting series 5. Should they ever cancel this show.... Well, I just don't know what I'll do!

Okay, enough about my delusions, I mean, crushes. How about you?


  1. Well, I might consider Doc Martin - but shouldn't they have really made him more handsome? Really?!?!

  2. His personality changes the way you see him. Truly. I know you and Scott would like the show.


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