Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We had Asher's heart doctor appointment today. All went well, as expected, but it didn't stop me from being extremely nervous this morning. I try really hard, in situations like these, to be realistic and to let go and let God. I'm pretty good at boxing things up and setting them aside and I truly believe that my worrying will accomplish nothing. This morning though... I can't recall the last time my stomach felt that nervous and my limbs were shaking a bit. I guess when your a mom there is a point when your body takes over. That physical connection we mothers have shared with our kids since minute one only lessens as far as the eye can see!

Well, Asher's fine. The doctor is 95% sure that it is a benign murmur. There is a 5% chance that he has a small hole in his heart but, apparently, that is also just as benign. So, in two years, he'll get another look-see. It ought to take me two years to recover from this morning!

Asher did really good, too. I was very proud. He had to have an EKG but he handled it pretty well. Even his Pooh Bear got to have an EKG! The whole appointment took an hour and a half- mostly waiting. Now, Asher did well but Dave... Next time I'll have to remember to bring something to distract and entertain my dear husband.

So, now I'm home and fed. Asher's in bed. Time to clean. At least the sun is shining. The dust motes absolutely sparkle;)

Enjoy your day!

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