Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Spring Cleaning

Today is Go-Thru-The-Kids-Clothes Day! Woo, hoo!!

Our church is having a clothing drive over the next couple of weekends and they are requesting children's clothes. I do believe I could clothes all of the little boys, newborn to 18 mos., in the greater Lansing area. Seriously!

You see, when we found out we were having a baby it was a bit of a shock.(Putting it mildly.) My husband has 2 sons from a previous marriage who are 18 and 20. We have a son, Nathanael, who is 7. After having Nathanael, we debated having another child and, as time passed, it became clear that we were not going to have another baby. Sometimes I was unhappy about that, but I enjoyed my Nathanael and loved watching him grow and change and, therefore, did not feel any yawning chasm. Or so I thought. The Good Lord, in His infinite wisdom, felt differently. Enter Asher. And it was good:)

(My wee baby boy!)

One of the hiccups- and a frustrating one at that- was that we had already given away all of Nathanael's baby clothes. I still had some 3T's of his but that was the smallest. So, in a way, Asher was like a first baby. We got lot's of clothes and bought lots of clothes. And, today, I am now washing, drying, sorting and backing lots of clothes. This is not strenuous work but it is a bit emotional. My wee baby isn't so 'wee' anymore!

I also decided to go through Nat.'s clothes. I've got tons of 4T's on up. Unfortunately, Asher is only 3T but come next year we'll be all set!

In other somewhat related news, the Crane boys got their hairs cut last night. Dave and Nat. did great! Asher, not so much. This was his first professional hair cut. It was long overdue. He was beginning to look like one of the Beatles. I've given him a couple of haircuts before. Not good! He wouldn't sit still, kept reaching for the scissors and screamed as if I was stabbing him. Talk about butchered. And, when all was done, he always looked like 'Finster Baby' from the Bugs Bunny cartoon. Remember him? With the short, straight-across bangs?

(My hair-cutting abilities. 'Finster Baby')

Well, The hairdresser did a great job last night. Asher looks like a little boy and nothing else. He still acted like he was being murdered, screaming and crying, his face beet red. Poor baby! (I'm sure the poor girl who cut his hair needed a sedative after we left!) No pictures yet- he's not in the mood to be still for the camera. Pay backs maybe?

Enjoy your day!

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