Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trip Down Memory Lane

A short trip! It would be way too easy to get lost in memorabilia and look up to find that three hours have passed. I don't have that kind of time!

What am I talking about? Well, after almost 9 years of living in this house (and after 39 years of living) I have finally gone through with my plans to clean out my attic. Part of what has been holding me back is the fact that I married a man who was married before and has two, now grown up, boys from that marriage. Therefore, there is a lot in my attic that has nothing to do with me but is still precious to others. I've decided to just set all of the 'unrelated' stuff to one corner of the attic and tackle everything else. I'll let Dave weed through his pile when he is ready.

So I started last week by going through my kids clothes. Pretty easy except for the itty bitty baby stuff. Too cute and too sweet! I kept showing Asher all of the little outfits he and Nat. wore but he wasn't impressed. Two-year-olds! Go figure!

Then I went through Easter stuff yesterday. We have a lot of baskets. I don't know why, but it has to stop! That was followed by my elephants. I've always collected elephants and have amassed quite a collection. I found two tubs up there full of elephants so I brought them down and added them to the display I have above this here computer. It is a very impressive herd if I do say so myself!

Today I pulled down four boxes of stuff from my childhood, high school and college. (I know there has to be at least one more box up there somewhere but I can only stand to dig through that attic for so long.) I was worried that I'd get too caught up in the past and waste a lot of time. It's funny how being harassed by a two-year-old motivates you to move it along! It was fun going through everything. As I have gotten older I've found that I'm not so sentimental anymore. At least not about myself, I guess. Having kids of your own changes so much, doesn't it? I went through some of the things that I am keeping with Nat. He got a kick out of the pictures. I found my baby blanket, some dolls, yearbooks, notes from friends that would have been passed furtively in class, letters from my Mom and Dad when I was on my own and a folder full of pictures of guys I thought were cute. The last was funny! Many, and I mean many, pictures of John Stamos. I watched General Hospital when he was Blackie. Remember? Also pictures of Jack Wagner (G.H. again), Kevin Bacon (Footloose!), Eddie Van Halen and oodles of pictures of Def Leppard (esp. the lead singer, Joe Elliot).

(I was a Forest Hills Central High School Ranger, class of '88. Go green and white!)

(Then I went to Kendall College of Art and Design.)

(They're getting old, too, huh? But still looking good, Joe;) )

(Do you think they'll ever bring Blackie back to General Hospital? Wouldn't that be awesome!!!)

(Footloose. I remember going to see that movie in the theater. And, I remember the boys locker room scene....)

So, that was my morning. Now I'm ready to chill out a bit, do some stitching and get ready for Nat's conferences this evening. The trip down Memory Lane was fun but I find that I prefer moving forward. Less dust and spiders:)

Enjoy your day!

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