Thursday, March 18, 2010

First off, a blog that I follow has a lovely post on "When Loving Is Hard". It's very well written and ties in nicely with the post I wrote on Monday. Check it out!

How was your St. Patty's Day? Ours was quite lovely and yummy! It was a beautiful day with oodles of sunshine. We had Irish Soda Bread for breakfast. We toasted it in the broiler and spread butter on it. I don't think I've ever had that before but it was quite good. And then, as you can see, we had corned beef and cabbage for dinner. It was divine! I do not exaggerate here folks- yummmmmmy! I don't know why I don't make this more often. It is super easy to make- kind of like a crock pot meal. And because you have to let it sit and simmer for three hours, the house smelled heavenly all day. What I'm trying to say is that it was good!:)

I'm not Irish but I love to read books (Maeve Binchy, Patrick Taylor) that take place in Ireland and one of my favorite movies is "The Quiet Man". And, when I read those books or watch the movies, I adopt the language- if not the accent. I like to think I could pass myself off as Irish, especially now that I have this red head with me all the time! But, alas, I'm not Irish. I'm mostly Portuguese. I like being Portuguese and would get behind a Portuguese holiday of some sort- maybe St. Manuel's Day? I'd probably still have corned beef for dinner, though.

How is my week going, as far as the 'Here's my chance!' challenge is going? Well, I've had my ups and downs. I won't go into detail but suffice it to say I'm not very loving when driving my car. Or when I find the aforementioned red head pouring salt into my creamer. I did have a bit of a breakthrough with my eldest last night though. Maybe it was more of a revelation on my part. Anyway, he got upset with me when I said it was time to go home from the park. He took off running (I had Asher in the stroller) and 'disappeared'. I eventually found him where the slides are and he walked over to me when he saw me. I didn't say a word- more because I was still counting to 10 million than anything else. He asked why I was upset and I asked him if I should be upset. He said yes, so I asked him why I should be upset. Etc, etc. With very little words and effort- and no yelling!- on my part, Nathanael proceeded to lay out for me what he did wrong, why it was wrong, what could have happened and acknowledged my right to be upset and his need to be punished in some way. It went really well! Don't get me wrong- Nathanael was quite upset. The difference was that he was upset because he understood that he had disappointed me. And I didn't yell!
I didn't have to yell. I didn't want to yell. Now I hope that I can keep up this approach when faced with little boy disobedience. I know I won't always be presented with a cooling off period, like I was last night, but that's my issue. Parenting!

Enjoy your day!

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