Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy Morning

Had a busy morning.

Nathanael had his seven year check-up this morning. He did great. He had two shots and a finger poke, though. Not happy about that! He wants to watch what the nurse is doing which I think is a big mistake. As much as the shots and pokes might hurt, I think seeing his blood is what upsets him the most. So, we gazed deeply into each others eyes and all went well. Actually, I think Nat. had a bit of a let down since things didn't get too hysterical:)

From there, I took Nat. to school. Then I picked up the little girl I babysit. That was a treat. Her mom is a Mary Kay lady so I also got a bag of goodies!!!

Then to Target for diapers and pants for Asher. My boy is getting a bit of a gut:)

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig! Lunches, clean-up and a brief moment in a quiet corner to explore my bag of goodies:)

Now here I sit, winding down. I'm feeling under the weather again- sore throat, stuffy nose and tired as all get out. It's only one o'clock but I am already looking forward to bedtime!

I think I'll work on some sheep now. Enjoy your day!

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