Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning Update

Well, I did pretty good this weekend. I got everything on my list completed except for a last minute add on. (I didn't expect to get to this last thing done but it does need to be done within the next couple of days so I wanted to write it down somewhere.) Shout out to the hubby who helped me out quite a bit on Sunday and accomplished a lot himself!

My dishes/pots and pans/cookery section is clean and organized and merchandised. (Having spent most of my life setting up still life's to draw or paint and setting up displays at very various jobs, I can't help but merchandise where ever I go!) Actually, that's not quite true. I still have to address the two drawers and their contents. Maybe today?

And here is a small sampling of my collection of elephants on display in the corner cupboard.

And another thanks to the strong, handsome man I call husband who rescued me and my small buffet. He picked it up in his capable arms and carried it up the stairs. Sigh!

I couldn't get a very good head-on pic 'cause of all the glorious sunshine streaming through the window.

Back to work. Lots of first-day-o'-the-month stuff to do. Lots of stitching, too. And I still need to vacuum all of the backing soda out of the back of the mini van. Don't ask...

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