Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Last night I was inspired. Visions of where to put homeless dishes and cookery danced in my head. This morning more inspiration struck in the form of furniture moves that will help provide more practical storage space. ('Cause lets face it- what's the use of storage space if you can't get to it?)

So why am I on the computer? For one thing I just had lunch, for another I just put the baby down for a nap so I want to make sure he's a sleep before I start getting noisy. I also have too many plans racing through my head. Do you ever have that happen? So many great ideas and plans that it kind of paralyzes you? So I'm taking a bit of a break and when I'm done here, I think I'll make some lists.

When I worked, I made lists. I loved making lists because it always felt so good to cross something off the list. Since being at home though, I don't make many lists. I think I have to though. I think a list would help me to focus and not feel overwhelmed. And I'll also get the cheap thrill of crossing stuff off:)

Something else I've learned about myself, since beginning my blog, is that writing something here makes me commit to it like it's a legally binding contract.

So here are my Spring Cleaning Plans for this weekend:
1. Put all seasonal/holiday dishes on top shelves of two cabinets by sink
2. Clean out dish cupboard
3. Add yellow dishes to every-day dishes; make pretty
4. Gather all dishes/silverware/cups for folks; box up; set aside and out of
way; begin inventory list
5. Clean out cookery/pots & pans cupboard
6. Go through cookery in basements; have necessary 'Sophie's Choice' moment;
clean 'keepers', move 'keepers' up to cupboards
7. Move small buffet to upstairs hall way; replace dishes, etc. stored there;
clean; make pretty

Okay! I think that's it but it wouldn't surprise me if I added new things to the list. I need to do a Round 2 on my sewing room but that can wait a bit.

See number 7? I tried doing that with the help of my 7-year old. (My husband is working today.) We got stuck on the landing, about five steps up. I called my husband to see if he could run home and help us out but he is too busy. So we'll have to wait. I don't really like to wait. Meanwhile, we all have to make ourselves skinny if we want to get up or down the stairs. That is why it is number 7 on the list :)

I'll update you on my progress as I go and as I need breaks.

Enjoy your day!

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