Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Hearts

This weekend I will be whipping up a batch of these lovely wool hearts, just in time for February. I will post patterns for sale on Monday to start off the 'month of love' just right! Here is a little taste:

The patterns will come with the heart shape for a template and the cross stitch alphabet that I have created. These are very much for the do-it-yourself-er out there. You can make them exactly as I did or use different colors of wool, linen and floss. The decision is yours. And for those who want them already made up but also personalized, you will be able to order them as such.

The nice thing about these sweet hearts is that you can make them over-the-top Valentine-y or, like I did, keep it a bit simpler and use it all year long. (I could even attach ribbon to the tops of my hearts and hang them on the tree come Christmas time!)

Anyway, back to stitching. I think I hear Asher up from his nap, too. Have a great weekend and don't forget part 2 of 'Emma' tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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