Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spring Sweets

...not the kind of sweets you're thinking about. These sweets have zero calories and I doubt they'd actually taste good. But they sure do look yummy!!!

These are samples of my next project- Spring Cookies. There will also be three more designs; a tulip, lilys of the valley and a daffodil. I am going to make the flower cookies using the same colors as I did for the sheep, bunny and birdie. I then plan to make a set that will be more colorful, pretty pastels. After that, I see candle mats and runners and boxes. When all is finished I will be making up a booklet with patterns and projects for these diet-friendly treats. Stay tuned:)

I did some wool shopping on Sunday and have been taking apart jackets and sweaters in order to felt them. It's making me sneeze! With my myriad allergies I know I shouldn't be surprised but, come on!!! This one coat had a used kleenex in it and I found an earring. Once I found the kleenex I decided to give the seam ripper a rest. And I thoroughly washed my hands. (Shudder here.)

I am almost finished with 'U is for Undertow'. I don't like to rush through these books because I enjoy the characters so much, but it has to end sometime. I could have finished it off last night but decided to wait. After this, I am going to read 'Cranford' by Elizabeth Gaskell. I so enjoyed the movies on PBS and I am looking very forward to reading the book. I also plan on using this book as inspiration for more patterns.

Enjoy your day!

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