Monday, January 13, 2014

Thoughts on Downton Abbey (a.k.a. Urgh! Argh!)

Oh, Downton Abbey.

First, I will share what I liked about last nights episode.

Overall, it is beautiful to look at. A feast for the eyes, if you will. The outdoors. The indoors. The costumes. The way they set a table. (Did you see James pulling out the chair and measuring how far to pull it out so that everything matched? Made my heart flutter a bit.)

What else? Mrs. Pattmore giving herself a panic attack, James' slip and fall while showing off, Mary smiling and laughing, the results of the final poker game (Cora's comments to Robert about men who gamble). There were quite a few 'fun' bits last night. But alas....

I read, on Saturday, a little two-sentence blurb in our paper's what-to-watch section about last night's episode. It said that there would be one horrible incident that would happen and that D.A. is really just a beautifully dressed soap opera. So last night, when I saw Mr. Green flirting with Anna and Mr. Bates dislike of said Mr. Green, I had a bad feeling I knew what the horrible incident was going to be. It turned out I was right. Urgh!

Why? Did this have to happen? Is this going to take a typical soap opera turn?Will Anna get pregnant, and be wondering who the father is, and who knows what else. I wanted her to tell Bates right away and have Mr. Green disappear last night, before they rolled the credits. I was relieved when Mrs. Hughes found Anna and suggested just that. Unfortunately, we had to be reminded of Mr. Bates history and, therefore, Anna's refusal to tell him.Argh!

Maybe Anna will tell Lady Mary. Mary could make Mr. Green disappear, I'm thinkin'. I just hope this doesn't get dragged on forever or gets turned into some political comment. Urgh!

I'm just looking to be entertained on a Sunday night, with a warm bowl of popcorn in my arms. Go ahead and make me weep once in a while, just make me laugh more. Teach me something new, within reason. Give my eyes gorgeous scenes and costumes and hairstyles and table settings to feast upon. Do not be soap opera-predictable while leaving me with a sick stomach. Please.

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