Saturday, January 11, 2014


Wednesday was the last of the snow days. It was also the day before Asher's sixth birthday. Six! I can hardly believe that six years have gone by. I can hardly believe my baby isn't a baby anymore.

Asher was about 5 mos. old in this picture.

Back to Wednesday. At 7:30, Asher and I went up to his room for bedtime. I read him a couple of books and, just before we said prayers, I gave him some extra big kisses. Asher responded with a giggly "Mom, stop!". I responded with, "I won't always be able to do this. Someday you'll be to big."

Asher's sweet, smiling face instantly crumbled as he burst into tears. My sweet boy was just as aware of the fact that he was no longer my little baby anymore, as I was! He even said he wouldn't be able to sit on my lap anymore. That almost got me started!

The two of us, pathetic as ever, hugged each other as I assured him that we would be together forever and that I would smother him with kisses for as long as he would let me. (Thank goodness he didn't choose "The Giving Tree" and "Guess How Much I Love You?" for me to read that night!)

Asher and Mom. 2gether4ever.


Thursday, Asher's birthday, was a lot of fun. 
We started the morning with our usual birthday donut 'cake'. 

Asher was excited to get back to school after nearly three weeks away. His school, on the Friday before Christmas break, always goes to a movie at the theater together. Because we had a snow day that Friday, it was rescheduled for Thursday the 9th. So I got to spend the morning with Asher and his school watching 'Frozen'. We had a great time. 

That evening, we met his dad at a restaurant, had dinner and opened gifts. Asher doesn't like cake so he settled for cookies and playing with his new toys. I kept any possibly emotional comments to myself. Learned my lesson!


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  1. Happy Birthday to Asher! Nick still sits (lays) on our laps and allows many kisses - He is 180 pounds and 6'2" tall. They never stop loving mom! You may be out of touch and "old" but never stop the kisses.



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