Monday, January 20, 2014

Books, Books and more Books!

Every Christmas, my wish list looks like an order form for a book store. 
This past Christmas was no different. Here is what I got:

 Eight, beautiful new books!

I have already read the Anne Perry Christmas book. Since she has been writing those, my husband get's me one every Christmas. It is always the first one I read. I read both the Monk and Pitt series that Anne Perry writes. Her Christmas novellas are always about a minor character from one of those series. It's kind of nice to get to know the various supporting character's a little better.

What am I currently reading?

'W is for Wasted' by Sue Grafton. Of course! Last year, I made a little challenge for myself, to not buy any new books. I could get them for gifts or check out books from the library, just not buy them myself. So, I have been waiting anxiously for Christmas day, to unwrap this book and read it. (I'll write more about 'W' and Kinsey and my anxiety brought about by the fact that there are only THREE LETTERS LEFT in our regrettably short alphabet, when I have finished the book.)

I am undecided as to what I will read next. I am looking forward to reading 'S' by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst and seeing what it is all about. However, the other books call to me, too. 
I'll have to see what mood I am in, 
what time period I'd like to slip into, 
what country I'd like to visit, 
what accent I'd like to cultivate....
It's quite a process.

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