Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Planner

This year I decided to purchase a home planner instead of doing something on the cheap. I think that, because I spent money on it, I will be more faithful with my planning. Because, as much as I like to plan and make lists, I'm a bit inconsistent. 

So, I took a look on Pinterest and Etsy. I found a great holiday planner and purchased that to use for this past Christmas. I loved it and decided to see what else she had to offer. I settled on her Super Mom (ha) Family Organizer set and have spent the past couple of weeks setting up my binder.

It's an editable, digital planner so I can type in the dates and events that never change and use my marvelous pencils for the rest!

There's a great meal planning section. I'll be able to plan by the month and then get more specific week to week. There are even grocery lists and  coupon tracking. Love it!

 The day after Christmas we went shopping/returning. I bought pencils! 

I purchased this wonderful planner from HappyOrganizedLife on Etsy. She has lot's of great planners to choose from. If you like making lists and, more importantly, checking things off your list, you should check out her shop.

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