Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Week, New Attitude (hopefully)

As I sit at my work table, reflecting on the week behind me and thinking about the week ahead, my eyes drift toward a set of stickers I received from a friend the other day. They are a bunch of Edgar Allan Poe quotes among other greetings and phrases. My eyes fell, in particular on this quote:

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."

A couple of stickers down I see: "Happy Mother's Day!" (Insert crazy-lady laugh here.)

Then I thought, that's kinda what the week has been like. It started out INSANE. And then I got my act together. 'Cause I'm a mom and we don't have any time budgeted out for insanity. Maybe later.

Actually, I had a pretty good week. I prayed A LOT. But that is never a bad thing so feel free to pat me on the back. There were many times where the first word or two out of my mouth had a lot of volume to it but then I quickly toned it down. For the most part, it's working (loosely). The boys are still a couple of squirrelly-monkey squirrels but I started to notice some longer intervals of sanity. I still noticed that by bedtime, I'm worn out and run down and patience-free, for the most part. But I no longer feel as despairing. I'll get there.


Now for a new week. It began with Asher stomping on my foot with his big, thick, toddler foot. But that was quickly followed by my husband packing up the boys in the minivan and taking them to visit Grandma. (Actually, I grew weary of waiting for them to get their acts together and GET ON THE ROAD ALRIGHT ALREADY, so I got in a car of my own and went to the store.)

So here I sit, in silence and solitude. I've been experiencing the joy of having a thought, being able to hear the thought, and finish thinking the thought. Sigh...

I bought a small sketch book to use as a daily art journal. I'm going to decorate it and begin filling it with... well, I'll tell you more about that on Tuesday.

I've weeded through my binder, planned out the week's meals and groceries and appointments.
I've posted Marie A. II on Etsy and on my website. And, I've written my post for Monday! :)

Now, I'm gonna clip some coupons, work on my new journal, read and, maybe, force my self to make a new facebook page for my portraits. ( I stumbled upon an art business blog that was explaining facebook pages for artists and how they should be created, etc. I discovered that I didn't do my page "correctly" and that I need to do a new one. Let me re-phrase that. It would be in my best interest to do a new one. Arrrgghh, urrrgghh... I'll explain more on Tuesday.)

Here's to a new week and all that awaits us!

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