Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday's Thing- My Art Journal

***I know it's Wednesday but, because both boys were sick with a stomach bug yesterday, I didn't have time/energy to post. They are doing better today and, now that I find myself with a moment or two, here goes...

I've started reading a book called The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer. I've only just started and, due to all of the drama involved with vomiting boys, I am not far into it and will give you a summary/review later. I have gotten far enough to find that the author stresses the importance of an art journal. Not a sketchbook but a journal. A place to put thoughts, ideas, inspiration, pictures, quotes and well, at least in my case, sketches.

So, during my spot of me time on Sunday, I bought a small, hardcover sketchbook. I've made it pretty and have promised to try really hard to write or sketch something in it every day. It's only been a few days but I am really enjoying the process.

I start out looking at my little book and finding nary a thought in my head. Then I make myself sit down and start to write something (today I wrote SNOW DAY!!!) and it kinda snowballs from there. I've had some recent bouts of inspiration lately and this little book helps me to both record and expand on those inspirations. I give it: two thumbs (cracked and bleeding) up!

Here are some pictures:

Now, back to watching cars/trucks/vans (currently a pretty little mustang) trying to drive up or down our un-plowed street. Entertaining, to say the least! Stay safe and warm wherever you may be!

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