Thursday, January 13, 2011

Artsy Update

Well, Romeo and Juliet are finished! Go here to see some more pics and what I wrote about them. Here is a little pic of the two lovers together:

What's next? Since I sold my original Marie Antoinette, I do believe I shall create a new one. She was where Sew Creepy Portraits started, so I feel like I should always have at least one Marie in my collection. Each one will be different, of course. This new Marie will (I think) be all in black and white. That'll be my 'challenge'.

Anyway, I'll start on her as soon as I get my thumbs back. True to form, both my thumbs have a 'crack' in them. A painful crack. Every year at this time, because of the dry weather and having my hands on wool and other fabrics so often, at least one of my thumbs cracks open. Yesterday I had both thumbs bandaged. It was kind of nice while I was sewing because they acted like thimbles. Unfortunately, I kept stitching myself to my work because my needle kept catching part of the bandage without my realizing it. Can I hear an 'Oy!'? I'm sure the crazy cleaning I've been doing doesn't help either. And, to top it all off, last night I was wondering why my big toe hurt. It now has a little crack on it, too. I'll be fitted for a body cast soon.

Now to put on some hand lotion and do a little reading while the red-head sleeps. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Remember your MK hand lotions! I love Juliet. SUE


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