Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Thoughts

Tuesday is for sharing my thoughts or something new.

How about my thoughts on the New Year?

I haven't made a list (yet?) of resolutions for 2011. However, I find that I look at the beginning of a year as a chance to review and revise.

Some things that I want to accomplish are the same year after year:
*Lose the wait I put on over the holidays.
*Clean my house from top to bottom.
*Work on procrastination, "running out of steam" and focusing.
*Work towards spending only $50 per person, per month, on groceries. Eeek!

Some things that I want to accomplish develop because I am sick and tired of revisiting the same area year after year:
*Figure out a house cleaning schedule and stick to it!!!!
*Figure out how to eat better/healthier/more responsibly and stick to it!!!!

Some things that I want to accomplish are things that have been in my head for a while and I just haven't gotten to them yet:
*Learn how to make bread and get to the point where I don't have to buy bread any more.
*Figure out garden by end of January. Plan according to what we actually eat/store (don't waste my little bit of space).
*Plan and, more importantly, plant a fall garden.
*Landscape and beautify the chicken coop/run.

Somethings are business related:
*Iron everything!!!!
*Make each stitch a deliberate work of art in its own right.
*Research more appropriate shows. Look outside of the Greater Lansing Area. Look outside of Michigan.
*Keep on top of website, blog and facebook. Figure out twitter.

Somethings are family related:
*Be a constant and consistent support to my husband. Encourage him more. Practice kindness, gentleness, peacefulness more. Pray for him always.
*Be kinder and more patient with my boys. Be more patient. Stop tapping into my inner Mommy Dearest. Be more patient.
*Teach Asher to read.
*Work on a summer reading/writing/arithmetic plan for Nathanael.

And, some are personal:
*Complete Isaiah study (BSF) and begin Acts of the Apostles study (BSF).
*Memorize 24 verses by December 31st.

I'm sure there's plenty more. This major cleaning that I've been doing has given me lots of time to think and plan.

Have you thought about "this day forward"? Things you'd like to do? (Or stop doing?)

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