Monday, January 10, 2011

Asher's Birthday

It was Asher's birthday on Sunday. Three years old! Wow!!! It seems like he went from this... this, awfully fast!

Here are some pictures from our Day of Festivities, which included a lunch at Red Robin per Asher's request. *Please forgive the darkness of the pictures. I was taking them either early in the morning or after it got dark out.

Here is the birthday boy, finally being allowed to begin the celebrations.

Balloons! We actually had to beg him to look at all of the presents and leave the balloons alone for a moment!
Opening a gift from Nathanael. ( A new Kung Zhu.)

More gifts...

Showing us that he is three. Dave had to help before he offended anyone by accident.

We got him a new fire truck that has lots of buttons, flashing lights, sirens and voices on it. It also has a rather dramatic song that plays when you push one of the buttons. Think the theme song from 'L.A. Law'. It made Dave and I feel as if we should be strutting around, in slow motion, ready to save lives. It made Asher give these cheese-y smiles and dance moves. Worth every penny!

Yesterday was a big day for my boy in another way, too. I finally got up the guts to break down his crib and move it out! He is now sleeping on a regular, twin bed. So far, so good! And today, we tossed the sippy cups. Tomorrow, it's drivers training. ;)

We had a wonderful day yesterday with our little red-head! He has been such a joy to me. I know I complain that I don't get much of a break from him but, honestly? The thought of not having him around makes me very sad. But, he's three now. Three is such a turning point. By three you know for sure that your baby and time, itself, is moving forward.

Enough! No more maudlin thoughts. Time to focus on Romeo (no escaping 'maudlin', I guess) and finish him up!


  1. He is adorable - I miss being greeted by his sweet face! They do grow up waaayyy to fast. Sydney was showing Jake how to use the remote control the other day (he still didn't get it). We also have a Keurig coffee machine and they all can make hot cider or hot coco for themselves. Enjoy the time! SUE

  2. Sue-
    He misses you, too! (Me, too!!) It's nice when they get less dependent on you for their every need but it is bitter sweet!


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