Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Kingdom for a Thumb!

A little slow going here due to the state of my hands and thumbs. I'm trying to stick to a break from fabric and sewing until I heal. Hard to do. I want to get Marie #2 finished so I can get working on my new series. Ah, well... The best laid plans blah, blah, blah.

So, no new pics of the ex-queen. However, I have started researching and doing sketches for my first series of 2011. The circus. Or carnival. I don't know which yet. I go back and forth between the two names and I can't get a clear enough "image" of each name to make a decision. What do you think?

Before I go any further, go here to check out part of my inspiration. When I heard of her series, my first thought was that, yes, circus people would make excellent subjects for my portraits. Then I took a look at her work and just was so impressed and enthralled! Please check it out.

I am also inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock movie "Saboteur"...

One of my favorites! There is a scene where the hero and reluctant-heroine have to stow away in a car on a circus train. There we meet your typical sideshow freaks. And the hero and heroine, finally, fall in love! Anyway... (Love the bearded lady!!!)

So I tucked the idea of carnival portraits away in my fevered brain, to be released after the new year. And here we are! I thought this would be a great series to usher in spring. Now for the cast of characters:
*Siamese Twins (double)
*Tattooed Man and his Wife (double)
*Snake Charmer
*Fortune Teller
*Bearded Lady

I may also do:
*Ring Master
*Lady Giant and Tom Thumb (double)

In an effort to not get to ahead of myself, I've only just begun sketching ideas. Here's a peak:

(They are my Siamese Twins. I think I'll name them April and May.)

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