Friday, January 14, 2011

Five for Friday

Five random thoughts/observances:

1. Thumbs are very important. If you have ever doubted that, simply wrap both thumbs in bandages and survive. Of course, if you are going to try this you need to make sure you are secure enough to withstand the confused stares you will receive. It makes me wonder what they think I've done...

2. Although I put absolutely no stock in horoscopes and signs, I find myself really digging my heals in about this whole "change from Libra to Virgo" thing. I'm not gonna do it! Who's with me?

3.On Asher's birthday I had wanted to get some fun pictures of Nathanael. When I asked him to smile and say "Cheese!", I got a series of pained smirks and grimaces and sad attempts at looking "serious". Finally, I got some cute smiles from the kid- but only because his little brother was feeling a bit gassy. Boys!

4. If you haven't read the "Irish County Doctor" series of books by Patrick Taylor, please do. They are absolutely wonderful and warm and sweet and fun. A perfect book for cold, winter afternoons. I'm reading the newest one now. They are the kind of books that make you want to read really slow so that they don't come to an end too soon.

5. How wonderful was "Downton Abbey" on pbs, last Sunday?! I love the whole upstairs/downstairs feel and that you get equal doses of both worlds. And, it is both beautiful to look at and listen to, also. Part two is this Sunday. Can't wait!

Now I am off to do as I say and curl up with my "Irish Country Courtship"! Enjoy your day!

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