Monday, March 7, 2011

What I Love About My Nathanael Is...

~ his many, mesmerizing freckles

~ his passion for Lego's means that I can continue being passionate about Lego's

~ he plays air guitar while I sing along to Mumford & Sons (in preparation for our debut as Crane & Sons)

~ his love of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Star Wars" means that I am surrounded by images of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Harrison Ford
~ his big, blue eyes

~ he thinks I'm pretty

~ instead of performing a ready-made play for his second grade class, he wrote and directed his own play

~ he loves detective/mystery shows (in preparation for Crane & Crane, Private Investigators)

~ his imagination and creativity never cease to surprise and delight me

~ he still likes to cuddle
I could go on and on. He really is an awesome, little boy and I love knowing him. And I find, with each year that passes, that I am excited to know Nathanael as a young man (although I'm not in any rush).

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