Thursday, March 17, 2011


I decided to use this next portrait in my Circus series to make a "Journey" post on my other blog. I'm going to take pictures throughout the process of making this piece and put them all together in a post to show how I do what I do.

For this Thursday Art Update post, I'll take you through the first part of the process for the Marionette Siblings. I haven't come up for a name for them yet but I have some ideas.

 First, a quick sketch, done a while ago to get the idea down.

 Next, a more detailed sketch.

 Then, I go "shopping" through all of my fabrics for background fabric,
skin tone, clothing, hair and any extra trim I might want to use.

 I iron the background fabric and pin it to size I want. I cut out heads and necks and shoulders, if needed. I also start cutting out their clothing pieces so I at least know what I'm working with for spacing and placement. At the top of this one is a paper cut-out of a hand so I know how far down to place the marionette's heads.

 Finally, I start to pin things in place. Once I know for sure that that is 
where my subjects will be spending eternity, I'll pick out threads and begin stitching.


Next week, I'll post more pictures of my progress. In the meantime Happy St. Patrick's Day! I don't know about you but I can't wait for that corned beef! :)

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