Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Want A Kindle

I think.

No, I do.

I don't want to. But I do. (Deep breath.) I want a Kindle. Erg!

There was a time that I swore I would never have anything to do with computers. I, much like Regis, felt that computers were a passing fad. I was wrong. Obviously.

Now there are e-readers (is that what they're called?) I love to read. There is truly nothing I like to do more than reading a good book. And, I love books! I love the way they feel, look, smell. Especially old books. Ergo, I assumed I was safe from covetous thoughts about computer-y book-y thing-y's.

But then I saw one. On Friday. In Lansing. At McDonald's. Being used by a real live person, a Mom, like me. (Although, she needed to be paying attention to her kid who wasn't being very nice in the Play Place. But that's another post.) I couldn't get it out of my head! I went home, got on the computer and look up the Kindle.

Have you checked those out? They're incredible! 3500 books can be held in that little beauty! 3500 books on me at all times!!!! 3500!!!!!!!!!!! The books are less expensive. Classic books are FREE!!!! I could have Pride and Prejudice on me all the time and I wouldn't have to keep buying new copies because I re-read it so much!

After researching the Kindle and finding, to my horror, that I wanted one, I called my parents to have them talk me out of my madness. But what do my unbelieving ears hear? "Your Mom and I have been talking about getting one, too." What??!!! The phone call quickly turned into a meeting of the "Kindle Appreciation Society". I hung up feeling even more convinced that I needed a Kindle. Now!

Every day I think of new reasons why buying a Kindle would be smart, thrifty, efficient, necessary to my continued existence, beneficial to the boys (who wouldn't be allowed to so much as look at it), the answer to all of the worlds problems, etc.

Do I have one yet? No. I still have to give myself permission- for many reasons. The biggest reason being that I feel like I am betraying books! How can I do that? I looooove my books. They're everywhere! I read them. I collect them. I even decorate with them.

Oh, what shall I do?

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