Monday, March 14, 2011

How Do I Love Asher?

Let me count the ways...

1. Look at him!!! Sometimes I find myself staring at him- in amazement, in love, in frustration, in amusement. And it's not just the fluffy, nibble-worthy cheeks, the big, blue eyes and those full lips. It's also every look that comes across his sweet face- smiles, frowns, laughter and tears, concentration and consternation, confidence and frustration. Each one is precious to me and makes my heart feel a little squeeze.

2. He is grooming to be my Enforcer, my Muscle, my Assistant-to-the Mom. No longer do I have to trot out the tired pleas for people (read: husband and son) to push in their chairs, not sit on the table, put on their seat belt, etc., etc. Asher does it for me! For example, when the whole family is in the car, driving somewhere, no longer will you hear from me, "Dave, put your seat belt on. Please don't make our babies watch you fly through the windshield to your death." Now you hear, from the backseat, "David Allen Crane! Put your seat belt on!". I love it! He's always had that hint of the dictator about him. Time to put it to good use!

3. He's game for anything! Being my constant companion, he really has no choice but, I must say he adapts to whatever I throw his way quite nicely. He loves to go shopping, especially Target and Kroger (Target for the toys and Kroger for the firemen who also shop there.) He loves music; listening to and singing. He mostly sings Sunday school songs but sometimes, in between "Jesus Loves Me" and "Holy, Holy, Holy" you'll hear "Should I Stay or Should I Go". And he recognizes Mumford & Sons. As soon as he hears one of their songs start to play, he sticks his left arm up in the air and starts strumming away at his armpit with his right hand! :)
He sits next to me and draws while I sew, he loves to watch the Barefoot Contessa with me and he recognizes Mommy's need for coffee and Regis & Kelly in the morning.

I could go on and on. He really is fun and funny. We lock horns A LOT but we are also quick to kiss and make up. I love having him around and miss him when we are apart. I love teaching him and exposing him to new things. And I love learning from him. I've learned a lot from my Asher.

I am blessed.

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