Friday, April 16, 2010


So, this morning, I saw green in my garden where I have planted seeds. I was so excited! I had Asher in my arms, we danced around and kissed. (Probably looked like I had just returned home from the war.) I told my friend, Sue, my husband, called my parents. I was so proud! (Remember now, I planted these seeds less than a week ago.)

I go to Target, still basking in the glory of my emerging vegetables. Then I return home...

Wait! I titled this post "Patience" because I began the day praying for patience.

Anyway, I drive home, come round the corner in my green mini van and see a squirrel sitting on the edge of my first garden bed. I yell out my regrettably, open window, "Hey!". I honk the horn and tear into the driveway in a vain attempt to intimidate the thieving &@$!@%*. I then get out of the car and start talking smack to the rodent. And then, I see my neighbor and another man looking at me. Nice! There's no real way to recover from a display like that so I opted to soldier on. I told that squirrel that his butt was mine and then I told my little boy that mommy was going to buy a shot gun. In for a penny, in for a pound. Right?

So, time passes. Children are fed and napping. Mommy was fed and caught up on "stuff". I decided to work on my geranium piece. Everything was going well until I reached my quota of finger pokes. See, I only allow myself to poke myself with my pins and needles so many times. I make myself move on once it appears that I have more of a crime scene on my hands instead of a work of art. I grabbed my camera and decided to take pictures of my wee, little seedlings to show you my progress. It was then that I began to notice that all of my seedlings looked alike and that they were showing up everywhere, not just where I planted seeds. They're weeds, aren't they? Don't worry, I haven't pulled any out yet. I'll be patient (yeah, right) and wait to see what develops.

Moral of the story? Continue praying for patience but up the dosage, add a touch of humility and self-control to the mix, plot downfall of squirrel population but limit fire power.

Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of my geranium progress- no weeds!

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  1. Oh,how I love you! You are so funny! You had me even convinced that those cute sproutlets were your veggies - between the two of us we should have known they were the same sprouts-weeds! Oh, well. With every good seed we have to take the bad!


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