Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Miss me yet? :)

I'm still here. Sort of.

I've been dealing with sick kids. Not very sick, just colds/coughs/ear infections. In the process, I think I kinda got worn out. And now I'm sick. And you should see my thumbs. Both of them are cracked and bleeding and sore.

I've been taking a break from my sewing because of the aforementioned thumbs. There's nothing like wool to suck the very life right out of you. (Sound dramatic? You should see my thumbs.) However, I can't cut myself off completely so I've been working on cross stitch patterns from the Valentine Booklet from The Sampler Girl. I also finished the 'Emma' sampler (also from The Sampler Girl). I was going to take pictures but my camera is dead. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, the break was nice for my hands (although I've noticed a new crack on my thumb- oh well). I did some sketching, too. Worked out some ideas on paper. I forgot how much I like to draw!

The past couple of days I've been working on a project for my mom. I've mentioned it before and posted pictures of the fabrics I'd be using. I've finished the box and I'm pleased with how it turned out. My husband even made an unsolicited comment about how cute it was! The box is a round papier-mache box covered in fabric with greenery and rocking horse-related items coming out of it. I'll take pictures. I also made a cross stitch pattern of a rocking horse to be framed. Right now I'm finishing a tissue box cover. Again, I'll take pictures before I ship them to my mom.

Yesterday, my husband took the day off. It was really nice to have an adult to talk to. I miss adults. Today, trapped in the minivan to and from McDonald's, I got to listen to a six year old and a four year old tell jokes. Their own, made-up jokes with their own, made-up punch lines. My eye is twitching.

Tomorrow I plan on tackling my craft room. I need to get it cleaned up and organized and usable. Ever since I've moved in this room it hasn't been more than a storage room and other people in the house have been dumping their stuff in here, too. Well, no more! Maybe. We'll see. I'm still a bit under the weather. But, I do get moments of super-human energy. So, look out! Maybe....

I should be going now. I really just wanted to let you know that I still exist. I exist with a sinus headache. Oy! Advil, her I come.

Enjoy your day!

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