Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend In Review

Thank goodness last weekend is over! Not that it was bad, just busy-busy! (This post will probably have a lot of !!! in it. Prepare yourself!:)

First of all, my husband's birthday "celebration" on Thursday night turned out really nice. We all had a lot of fun and great food. He loved his 'Snuggy'! He looked so cute!! After the kids went to bed he retreated to the recliner, slipped on his 'Snuggy' and fell right to sleep:) At one point he was snoring so loudly I had to turn the volume up on the TV. I kept looking at him and giggling. I even took a picture of him lying there, mouth agape:) (No you can't see it! Sorry!:)

On Friday, I began the day with a visit to the craft store for cross stitch supplies. I received the pattern book I ordered from The Sampler Girl on Thursday and I wanted to take some time 'off' on Friday to begin stitching. Oh, what fun! I've already finished 'Joy' and turned it into an ornie. I'm now working on the 'Christmas Eve' pocket. I have a link to her blog- check it out!

Friday night my family and I went to 'Silver Bells in the City'- Lansing's Christmas parade. Chilly but fun... until I got run over by a woman on a scooter!!!!! I'm okay!
I guess it was new to the woman and she couldn't get it to stop. All I knew was that someone was trying to push me into the parade (and poor Nathanael who was in front of me)!!! Apparently, Dave and her husband were trying to hold her back while I was yelling, 'Hey, stop it!'. The scooter was eventually stopped and I turned around to find out what on earth was going on. The poor woman spent the rest of the evening apologizing. Then we noticed that a horse had gone #2 in the middle of the road just as a high school marching band was coming along. Oh, the anticipation! It was painful to watch!! Everyone seemed to be missing the 'pile' and then.... Some poor girl did a fancy little spin, set her foot in the pooh and kept spinning. She didn't fall but she screamed through the whole spin. I know this makes me a horrible person but I laughed so hard I actually started crying! I think the stress of knowing nothing good could come from this equine indiscretion and my run in with the scooter made this emotional release necessary. Pathetic, I know!

Saturday. Christmas tree. Decorations. Twenty three month old red-head. Need I say more?

Sunday was pretty good. I finished the rest of the Thanksgiving dinners shopping. We'll deliver the meals today. I worked on some new craft product for the MSU show. It's less than two weeks away!!!!!

Today. Sewing, washing sheets, delivering turkeys. Maybe dinner out?

Enjoy your day!

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