Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy, Busy

My fingers have been very busy! I've been stitching up a storm! With the MSU show looming I'm getting a bit panic-y about having enough stuff. I always end up having too much stuff. The problem is not knowing what will sell, what will I wish I had more of, what will I wish I didn't make so much of. It seems like every time is different, the results are up in the air. Maybe the longer I do this the better I'll be at 'forecasting'.

Anyway, I've almost finished the mats. I'm sewing on the backs while I watch TV at night. During the day I'm working on 'cookies' as promised. I'm almost finished as a matter of fact. I'm trying to stay focused and not get too scattered with my thoughts and ideas. There is no time for that! So I'm making six kinds of cookies, six of each. They are turning out really cute. I only have two styles left and my goal is to finish them this afternoon and get them on my website tomorrow. Oy! Hopefully the mats will be joining them.

Next project will be more cookie/gift boxes. They sold out last year so I want to get more made in hopes that I can sell even more this year. I've also got some more make-do's I could make and a few more jar-lid ornies.

On top of that, I've got my husbands birthday on Thursday, Thanksgiving meals to shop for and a Christmas tree calling to me from the basement, begging to be put up.

I don't know why I just wrote my 'to-dos' out. It's kind of making me want to hyper ventilate. So I'm gonna go now and put my head between my knees:) Actually, I don't have time for that, do I?

Enjoy your day!

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