Monday, February 7, 2011

Now that I'm feeling better...

Remember how I started last Wednesdays post by informing you that my boys were both sick? Well, guess what? That's right! I got sick, too.

I don't know what this particular 'bug' was but, oh boy, did it kick our butts!

Monday evening, while I'm in the kitchen making dinner, Asher walks up to me and vomits all over the floor. It was so out of the blue and Asher gave no hint about what was going to happen that I just stood there for a moment, staring in horror at my floor. Thank goodness Dave was there. He wisked Asher away to clean him up and I cleaned up the floor. While gagging. A lot. It was so gross!!! And it didn't stop there. The poor kid kept throwing up until about nine o'clock that night.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning, about six o'clock. I hear from Nathanael, who has just stuck his head in my room, "My stomach hurts." This was followed by him running to the bathroom and throwing up. Over and over again. The poor baby was the palest shade of green and his freckles seemed to get bigger and 3-D. His eyes looked huge, like a sad puppy dog. I could hardly look at him with out wanting to cry.

So, there I was, snowed in with the vomitteers. Little wonder that, Wednesday night- blammo! It got me. It got me good! I was so upset that I was sick that, at one point, I started to cry. My loving husband woke to the sound of my tears and asked me what was wrong. When I uttered my whining, wimpering, "I'mmmm siiiick", I heard him inhale and say in a strangled voice, "Oh, honey..."

Why a strangled voice? 'Cause he was holding his breath! I'm surprised he didn't run out and purchase a haz-mat suit, you know, just in case. I remember, when we were dating, that no matter how sick I was or how contagious, he was there taking care of me. Not that he doesn't take care of me now when I get sick. It's just at a safe distance, while wearing gloves. And a face mask.

Well, I'm better now. Let's forget it all like a bad dream.

Now that I'm 'back', I can take a look at the war-zone that used to be my house. What a mess! I spent the morning giving the living room a thorough going over. It looks good and it sure is nice to be able to do more than lie there and watch the dust settle!

I've also been working on plans, etc. for Nathanael's birthday party which is rapidly approaching. More on that later.

I hear the thump, thump, thump of my Asher, up from his nap, so I'm off! Enjoy your day!!!


  1. Poor You! Bugs like that spread like wild fire at our schools! I'm sorry I couldn't read all your Post in fear of catching it!!! LOL! So glad you are all feeling better, take it easy and enjoy your new health! X

  2. Thanks, Emma! We are all much better and are celebrating with a trip to Target to day. :)


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