Monday, February 21, 2011

Nathanael's Eighth Birthday

Sunday, the 20th was Nathanael's eighth birthday.

We began the festivities, just the four of us, at this play area at the mall that is filled with bounce-houses. The boys had so much fun and were getting along so well. It did my heart good to see them together and so happy! It was quite fun to watch. And crazy, too. But worth it. After being there about an hour, Asher had this zombie look about him. He kept wandering around like he didn't know where to go or who he was with.

On Saturday, we had a fun party with some of Nathanael's friends from school. It was a bowling/pizza party and, although Nat. was the only one who had bowled before, it was a hit! And exhausting! And, if I ever hear 'poop', 'tinkle', 'toot', 'butt', 'diaper' or 'booger' again, I'll scream! Does anyone out there no when boys grow out of this stage??? Anyway, it was a success, we all had fun and everyone slept really good that night.

On to Sunday. Now, I know this first picture is not of the birthday boy but, Asher was beyond excited. The suspense was about to do him in! He eventually yelled out, "Mom! Take my picture!" So I did...

Now for the birthday boy. Does he look like he is about to burst, or what?

Gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. (That had already been partially opened by Asher.)

Now for the gifts from Mom and Dad.

You know who I really bought that for, right? Me! Ha! He'll be at school five days a week. Before you know it, I'll be the true Queen of Pac Man! Actually, we've been playing it most of the day and having more fun than I thought possible. Good choice!

Another Lego Star Wars star ship for Mom to put together. Which is fine with me! I love Legos and have fun putting them together. Soon, Asher will be old enough for Legos. Joy!

And, finally, the gift from Asher. More Legos. Egyptian/mummy themed Legos.

Back to Asher and his out-of-this-world excitement for someone, anyone's birthday! Yea!!!

As I write this we are being covered in steady-falling snow. I'm glad there's no school tomorrow.
I've been away from Pac Man long enough now. Wish me luck...


  1. Belated Happy Birthday Nathanael! My 8 year old son, Lukas, would be SO envious of the Star Wars Lego!


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