Monday, February 28, 2011

Mornings with Asher

Asher: Points at my chest. "What are those elbows doin'?"

Me: "Those aren't elbows."
* I actually had hopes that the conversation would end with "those aren't elbows".

Asher: "What are they?"

Me: Sigh. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. "They're breasts."

Asher: "What are breass?"

Me: "Something that mommies have."

Asher: Lifts his shirt. "Buy me some breass."

Me: "Boys don't have breasts, honey."

Asher: "Where's Daddy's breass?"

Me: "Daddies don't have breasts either, honey."

Asher: "I want breass."

Me: Pause. Long pause in hopes that he'll just walk away. No luck. "Go play, Asher."


  1. Hahahahahaha! I love it. SUE

  2. And he's just so sweet and sincere that I just want to be able to give him whatever he wants. But I have to draw the line at breasts!


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