Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome to my blog! My artsy-crafty blog. Here goes....

Let's discuss fall. I know- technically it is still summer- at least for a few days. But fall is coming. You can feel it in the air first thing in the morning, you can see it in the trees and sprinkled on the ground in shades of gold. It's time to start bringing out your autumn decorations, your pumpkins and mums and, if you are like me, usher in the Halloween.

And, for those of us who like to create-artsy-crafty if you will- it's time to freshen-up our fall decorations with some hand-made fun. Pull out your pumpkin, moss, amber and garnet shades of wool and roving. Wash up some homespun plaids and earthy wovens that remind you of the colors of fall. Keep it simple: a pretty, little, blanket-stitched, wool pumpkin on a thin dowel, with a strip of homespun tied underneath, stuck into a pot of fresh mums will do the trick.

Keep creating and hang in there with me while I create a place for us to discuss all things artsy-crafty.

1 comment:

  1. Amen Sister! Bring in the Fall. Today is cooler and getting me in the mood - I think I will come over and help you - Oh! I already did. Thanks creating with me!


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