Friday, September 18, 2009

Show Time

Well, time to get ready for the Uncle John's Cider Mill craft show this weekend. Actually, I'm doing pretty good. I've done these shows enough now that I've got a good routine going- basically price, inventory and pack as I go. This evening I'll get together with Susan, my partner-in-craft, to load the minivan and head out to the cider mill to set-up our tent and merchandise. Last year, it rained non-stop and hard, the wind blew, the ground was a soupy mess- I'll never forget it! Praise God, the sun is shining and it looks like it will be a beautiful weekend! I'm really looking forward to experiencing this show the way it is meant to be.

In the mean time, to keep my fingers busy, I'm whipping up a autumn-themed jacket to show off this weekend. I took a dark green sweatshirt, cut off the cuffs and band around the bottom, and cut open the front so that I can wear it like a jacket. Now, I'm blanket-stitching pumpkins and sunflowers to the front and back. Later, I'll roll the bottom of both sleeves, the bottom of the jacket and both sides of the opening and blanket-stitch them in place with a coordinating floss.
Voila! A quick, cute, pumpkin-y jacket to wear at my shows and keep me warm this fall.

I won't blog anymore this weekend because of the show but I'll check in on Monday to fill you in on all the details. Have a beautiful weekend and, if you happen to be in St. John's, Michigan, come and see me!

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