Thursday, April 21, 2011

Art Update- Rowena

My latest creation is Rowena. She's got that hint-o-Halloween about her, doesn't she. Well, I'd been away from black and orange too long so I decided to take a little side trip with Rowena. I also wanted to use this portrait to exhibit a wee bit of Steam Punk. And a shadow box. I bought the shadow box first, you see, and made the portrait based on what I thought would fit within those confines.

So, without further ado, Rowena~

Rowena~ 12" x 12"~ mixed media, wool applique on cotton with charcoal pencil on paper~ ©2011 Danielle Crane

I know I normally don't show as many pictures of a finished piece here but, I just love this one! I had so much fun creating Rowena, I almost want to do it all over again. (Almost, I'm not crazy!) Soon, on my other blog , I'll post even more pictures along with Rowena's back story.


  1. She is wonderful! I love all of the details. SUE

  2. I so love your work Danielle, the graphics alone (before you work with the fabric) are stunning! Thanks for sharing. E x

  3. Thank you, Emma! You're sweet!!:)


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