Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something New and Something Blue

Something new I stumbled upon during my hiatus, is this wonderful food blog called Skinny Taste (thank you, Patty).

Gina, the blogger, has taken oodles of recipes and made them healthier and low fat. If you do Weight Watchers, you will for sure want to check this out because she tracks how many points per serving in her recipes. If you don't do WW but are striving to eat better, you'll want to take a look. I've already tried several of her recipes and they have all been easy to understand and quite good. If you love food, you'll want to take a look at her blog because the images are gorgeous! Gina takes beautiful pictures of the food she makes.


I have purchased a new, blue binder (I can only go so long without a new binder). I've decided to compile all of the recipes I use frequently, in one place. I have lots of  cookbooks and loose recipe cards and pages from magazines and.... You see where I'm going. I've been, little by little, going through all of my cookbooks and recipe boxes, pulling out or copying the recipes I use. I hope that once I'm finished my new binder will help me more with meal planning and grocery shopping.


In the meantime, food is getting so expensive we are eventually going to have to stop eating all together. I can't wait to get that garden going!!! At least the snow is gone but it is still quite cold out. Come on, Spring!

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