Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding + Good-Bye + Round-Two = Emotional Strain

Did you watch the royal wedding?

I watched a quick-ish recap of the whole thing Friday morning, after getting kids to school and so forth. I wouldn't say that I had that "Wedding Fever" that was going around. But I was experiencing some bouts of nostalgia brought on by the Royal Wedding.

I remember being a ten year old girl watching a prince marry a princess. Does it get any better than that for a ten year old girl? I don't think so! Princess Diana looked so beautiful and that dress was perfect for a princess. It gave my young imagination much to work with. Many princesses with puffy sleeves were drawn in that era. Many.

And, now... Well, it was a very sweet, ten minute recap that I watched Friday morning. Prince William and Prince Harry were cute to watch. (Asher thought Prince William was a fireman in his red coat. That was enough to hold his attention!) Kate looked beautiful. My taste in dresses-fit-for-a-princess has obviously changed. It made me think of Grace Kelly. Well done!

What preoccupied me more, was what occurred the night before. Michael Scott left Dunder Miflin. I laughed. I cried. I thought it was well done (as much as I wanted him to stay). Not too emotional but still realistic. And no devastating surprises. (I'm still not over the news of Colonel Henry Blake's helicopter going down.) I loved all the "call-outs" that were sprinkled throughout the episode. I laughed. I cried....

And what is currently occupying me? The Flyers (Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Professional ice hockey.) made it to Round Two of the Stanley cup play-offs and they are playing the Bruins (Boston. Boo Hiss.) Oh, the anxiety!

Nothing Doc Martin couldn't cure, eh? :)

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