Friday, December 17, 2010

Five for Friday: the Extreme Christmas Addition

Five Favorite Christmas Movies Before 1970:

1. A Christmas Carol (1938 version with Reginald Owens)
2. White Christmas (The only thing that makes me wish I had a sister is not being able to sing "Sisters, Sisters". I have to settle for a duet with my husband. We make it work.)
3. Holiday Inn (An earlier version of White Christmas with Fred Astaire instead of Danny Kaye. And it's in black and white.)
4. Shop Around the Corner (If you like You've Got Mail, watch this movie. It's what You've Got Mail is based on. Only better. And with James Stewart.)
5. It's A Wonderful Life (I bawl like a baby during the final scene where everyone in town is bringing George Baily money to help him out. Like. A. Baby.)
Five Favorite Christmas Movies After 1970:

1. Scrooge (With Albert Finney and singing! Thank you very much!)
2. A Christmas Story (I vividly remember the first time I watched this movie with my little brother.)
3. Christmas Vacation (From the opening scene, this movie does not stop. My absolute favorite part is when Clark has his little breakdown. I love Christmas but, don't we all reach a point where we are a hair's breadth away from a tirade similar to his?)
4. Pride and Prejudice (Not strictly a Christmas movie, but Christmas occurs during this movie and, any excuse to see Colin Firth...)
5. While You Were Sleeping (Cute and funny and romantic and... Bill Pullman finally gets the girl!)
Five Christmas Baking Musts:

1. Swiss Ruby Drops (Jelly. Non-pareils. Yum.)
2. Mexican Wedding Cakes (Powdered sugar. Pecans. Yum.)
3. Sugar Cookies (Cut-outs. Butter cream frosting. Sprinkles. Again, yum.)
4. Gingerbread Boys and Girls (Ditto.)
5. Fudge (I know you don't bake fudge. Yum.)
Five Things I love About Christmas:

1. Happy Birthday, Jesus!
2. Buying gifts for my boys.
3. Still not sleeping well the night before Christmas.
4. Christmas Eve (After the boys are in bed, with my husband, a bottle of wine and "It's A Wonderful Life".)
5. Decorating my house/wrapping gifts. (Bring it on!)
Eight more days to go! Eeeeeeee!!!!!:)

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  1. It feels wierd not having you in my life...after 10 years...miss you.


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