Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As far as my art and shows, etc. is concerned, 2010 is at an end. All I plan on working on is "The Ghost of Christmas Present". Other than that, I'm taking a wee break.

Sort of...

This has been an interesting year for me. I have had so much fun creating my sweet and creepy little portraits. I feel like I have finally found where I need to be and what I need to be doing. I have so many ideas for portraits, my brain can hardly contain them. But I do not find that overwhelming. On the contrary- I find it inspiring! I still feel rather"young" in my art though. I am anxious to grow and develop my art and my style.

What are my thoughts for this next stage? Here they are:

1. No more Christmas stuff. Decorations or portraits. I'm done with the decorations-crafting no matter what time of year it is. I've decided to just work on my portraits. That's what I truly want to be doing and I know that I will only get better the more I make. Nothing against Christmas but, it's hard to make Santa look macabre. He shouldn't look macabre. I've loved doing the characters from a Christmas Carol and I think they fit into my "style" just right. And perhaps next year I'll tackle the Nutcracker. I think there are a lot of fun and diverse characters to work with in that ballet. I need to and want to stick with creepy (sweet-creepy).

2. No more Christmas shows. People were out to by gifts not invest/collect art.

3. I'm going after some big shows. I've mentioned Ghoultide Gathering. There is also the Renegade art and Craft Show and there is a craft show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I'm also think of doing the spring MSU show because they have an art side, not just crafts.

4. I'm going to start submitting my work in contest- ie. Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine and Art Prize in Grand Rapids.

5. I'm going to apply to become a member of EHAG and Spookytime Jingles. There are waiting lists for the groups so I know it won't be immediate but I need to get in line at least.

6. I'm going to get my website up and running. I'm going to really study the ins and outs of Etsy and I'm going to be a better blogger. This resolution stresses me the most. When I was in high school, computer classes were optional. At the art college I went to, computer aided design was optional, too. I didn't need no stinkin' computers. I was an artist! Ha!

7. "Perfect" the way I show and display my work. I got lots of good ideas at the MSU show and I'm excited about implementing them. I think. (What I really want is to make my portraits and then have elves sneak in at night, take the finished pieces away and do all that other stuff for me.)

That's enough for now. I'll elaborate on these plans as I tackle them.

I don't know if I'll be able to blog on Thursday. I'm spending the day with Nathanael at his school.

Off to do the laundry in my gorgeous washing machine. Enjoy your day!


  1. That sounds like a really GOOD plan. I am excited for you!! If you want my opinions or help in any way, you know where to find me. I think of you often and hope that you Make it in this biz. Happy Holidays. SUE


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