Monday, February 10, 2014

My 2014 Challenge

Last year, I decided to not buy myself any new books. I didn't consider this a resolution. I saw it as more of a challenge from me to me. Don't buy new books. Read what you have. Go to the library.

I succeeded in my challenge last year- no new books (unless they were a gift). I have decided to 'challenge' myself again this year, but how? I didn't want to do the same thing because I feel like last years' experiment made a good impression. Let's not push it!

So the other day, while wanting to rest my shoulder but needing to keep my fingers busy, I pulled out my stash of unfinished cross stitch projects to see what I could work on. I caught myself thinking, 'Maybe I should start something new?'

That was when the Challenge came to light. For 2014, do not start any new cross stitch projects until I all of the ones I have already started!

Why do I never finish what I start? Well, I have finished plenty, usually around Christmas time, for decorations and gifts. What I love about cross stitch most is not the finished product but the process. Making those little x's. Watching words and images emerge. It is soothing and comforting as I work on a sampler. (And it does not make my sore shoulder hurt!)

First up...

This is how I found it. It is a larger sampler, perfect for February, which will say 'I Love You More'. I will show you the completed sampler when it is finished. Stay tuned!

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