Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dryers & Shoulders

I have decided to designate this day as 'Administrative Catch-Up Day'. I will also be playing the part of my Executive Administrative Assistant. Because, not only do I deserve to be an Executive deserving of an Administrative Assistant, but I also deserve the title of Executive Administrative Assistant. Which is to say, I'd rather be wasting my time typing out the words 'Executive Administrative Assistant' than deal with all of the administrative work I have let go by the wayside this past week.

This day will be filled with a lot of organizing, scheduling, planning, and loud sighing. So far the loud sighing part of my day has gone splendidly.


These past two weeks have been overshadowed by two Major Events which have resulted in the need for an Administrative Catch-Up Day. Event the First is 'The Betrayal of the Clothes Dryer'. (Volume 2 is titled, 'Please Fix It, Darling Husband'.) My dryer quit working last week when I had one load left to dry. I was able to take the wet clothes to my parents empty apartment, to dry in their laundry room. I picked up McDonald's for lunch on the way and brought a book. No big deal.

The dryer proved itself to be beyond a quick fix (thus Vol. 2) and is in need of a new motor. My husband will be replacing the motor tonight but, in the interim, I have still had to do laundry. I wash the clothes at my house, load my car with baskets of wet clothes, drive them to my parents apartment, and dry them there. Times two. In much Snow. Dealing with Major Event the Second.

Event the Second is 'I Hurt My Shoulder' (read in a whiny voice to get the full impact). I don't know how I hurt my shoulder but I did. I won't go into to the details of my pain: when it hurts, how much it hurts, etc. Suffice it to say...IT HURTS! It wants to get better, this painful right shoulder-neck-collarbone-arm-elbow combo of mine. Unfortunately, there is much that conspires against my recovery. Things like washing my hair, drying my hair, getting dressed, getting undressed, putting on heavy winter coat, taking off heavy winter coat, driving through snow and ice....Well, you get the idea. The most devastating activity that hampers my shoulders recovery is...CARTING BASKETS OF WET LAUNDRY ALL OVER LANSING, MICHIGAN, US of A!

What I have discovered while dealing with these Major Events is that my world will only successfully turn if my dryer is working and I can move the upper right quadrant of my body without whimpering. Who knew?!

All of this shameful yet therapeutic venting is to say that I've been a bit off my game. I finally decided on Tuesday to 'take it easy', as much as possible. A lot is not getting done, which frustrates me, but this shoulder-area of mine has got to get better. That is why I figured I'd use today to get caught up on my 'paperwork'.

Perhaps followed by a cup of tea while watching 'Now, Voyager'. For my Shoulder.

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