Friday, February 7, 2014

Downton Wins the Day

Ah, Downton Abbey. My refuge. My oasis of calm and beauty. You wonderful, schizophrenic show, you!

The first Sunday night in February for the past couple of years has provided me with a bit of a quandary, Superbowl vs. Downton Abbey. This year, not only was the choice simple, by nine o'clock that night, it was obvious. My "Can I change the channel now?" was answered with a "Yeah, go ahead."

The Abbey and its' inhabitants saved the day!

What a lovely episode!
Alfred got his place at the Ritz and Ivy got put in her place. About time on both counts!
The Downstairs group got to inch their way a little bit further into the 20th century thanks to Roses' jazz band.
Mary was zingin' this way and that.
Isobel put the Dowager in her place.
The Dowager put Isobel in her place.
Cora put that glorified waiter in his place.
Anna and Bates loved on each other.

All was right with the world! (Except for Edith. Oy!)

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