Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Quick Look at Danny

Danny, the Tattoo Man and his Tattoos~ 14"x 18"~ mixed media, wool applique on cotton with charcoal pencil on paper~ ©2011 Danielle Crane

 The faces Danny chooses from depending on his mood.

 Danny's wife, Lisa. Also the Bearded Lady.


The different "tattoos" are all significant to Danny or myself. The "DK" in a circle is a tattoo that my brother has in the same spot, the scissors are from my grandmother, another sewer, the snake, butterfly, moon/star  and eye represent Danny's fellow circus-mates, "nevermore"=Poe, of course. The railroad track, palm, skulls/faces and pair of eyes are representative of my work, past and present. 

"Oh, Danny Boy" and Danny's very name is a shout-out to a man who once had ambitions of becoming an actual Tattoo Man!


More to come, I promise. Halloween!!!!!!!!!!
But that's all for now because the lightening outside my window (and, therefor, far to close to this computer) is making me nervous!

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