Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Momma Monday!

So, we'll keep this first post simple and I'll give you an update on home and family.

Asher. The most exciting part of my summer was Asher getting potty-trained! Amen!! After the way we started (My getting a horrible, anti-potty training flu) I was worried that I had missed the boat. Alas, I was wrong. It took almost two weeks of cold-turkey, potty training but that was it. Done! Again, Amen!!

Asher has also developed his collection of words. For the most part, I understand him. Every once in a while, I don't. Then he gets angry. Very angry. Never fear. A couple of hours later it usually dawns on meet just what he was trying to say. Asher is more than willing to pick up the conversation then. He sure does love to talk! Well, not just talk but have a conversation. Which means I have to pay attention. And, heaven forbid I misunderstand something. So angry...

Nathanael. He made it through the summer in pieces. What I mean by that is, he lost a whole bunch of teeth... all at once. He looks like a veteran ice hockey player. Sometimes, when he is talking to me, I find myself staring at his empty mouth, thinking, "how does he eat?". And, he has developed the cutest lisp. I've stopped giggling out loud now but it is still quite cute!

Nathanael is now in second grade and he has a male teacher. I was happy to find that out. However, his teacher is about 15. He is the first teacher that isn't older than me. That (and the fact that my hairdresser is only 20) bothers me more than turning forty in a week.

Garden. My bountiful garden is finally slowing down. I still get an absurd amount of tomatoes and I'm still getting lots of broccoli. It did good, though. I learned a lot and I find that I am looking forward to planning next years garden.

Chickens. Sadly, we had one chicken die. We don't know why, she just died. This happened just before they started to lay eggs. Then, we had two chickens stolen. By people. Bad people. Now, all is well. They are giving us beautiful, yummy, brown eggs. I've only gotten locked in the coop once. (My 2 1/2 year old super hero saved the day by finally getting his 7 year old super hero brother to understand what "Mama stuck" meant.) Dave got stuck in there yesterday- my parents saved him from a certain and unpleasant pecking. (The ladies like me better.)

That's it in a small nutshell. I've been busy with my art work but more on that on Thursday! I'm off to make my meal menu for October. I'll see you tomorrow (I'll be filling you in on the whole meal menu thing.) Enjoy your day!


  1. Danielle! I so cannot believe you are coming up 40, there is no way I would have thought that - maybe 35! That is such a great picture. Your life is funny, it sounds like mine, kids and animals! LOL XD

  2. Oh, thank you so much, Emma! I don't feel like I've been around this long, that's for sure.


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